PV Educations



Topics Covered
1. Participating as a multidisciplinary engineering team member.
2. Working directly with Project Engineers, performing a variety of tasks related to the
design of aircraft products.
3. Assisting engineering design and drafting of parts per ANSI Y14.5M using AutoCAD,
Solid Works, and Pro-E.
4. Communicating project requirements and work requests to support groups.
Internship Highlights:
The engineering intern will participate as a valuable member of the engineering team at
JetAvi Engineering Pvt Ltd. Interns should have the commitment in assisting Project
Engineers in the design and development on a wide range of projects in Mechanical, Electro
mechanical, Electronic and other parts and systems focused on the Aerospace Industry.

Topics Covered 1. 2 wheeler engine 2. 4 wheeler engine 3. Advanced Automobile 4. Electric BIKE 5. Electric CAR Internship Highlights: 1. The internship providing insight into the structure and function of each component; vehicle integration; and related terms and working. 2. The student will gain all automotive programs combine work in the classroom, lab activities, and practical on the job experience in industry approved work sites. 3. Intern certificate will be given to the students from the institute after the completion of their intern period.